Attach A Handrail To A Wall

Attach A Handrail To A Wall

Attaching a wall mounted handrail makes perfect sense for practical as well as safety reasons. A staircase will already have a handrail of its own but you may still wish to attach an additional handrail on the opposite wall to improve steadiness and mobility.

Luckily; fitting a stair handrail to a wall is a straightforward process and doesn’t involve many stair parts or tools to complete the job. All you need is a little DIY knowledge to follow these 5 simple steps that ensure your stairs are safe and look great too.


You will need

• A tape measure

• Pencil

• Length of string or chalk string

• Straight edge

• Level

• Drill and fixings (plugs, screws)

TOP TIP! Remember tools can be dangerous and should only be operated by a competent adult. Health and safety should be considered at all times whilst carrying out any DIY job.

Step 1 - Measure

First of all, you will need to decide on the height of your staircase handrail (at least 850mm minimum and 950mm maximum). Measure from the bottom and top tread of your staircase using a tape measure and make a pencil mark. Fix a screw into each point.

HINT Use a stud finder to find supporting parts of an interior wall.

Step 2 - Create a guideline 

Create a guideline - the brackets can be installed anywhere along this line so stretch a tight length of string or chalk lined string between the screws. If using a chalk line, you can ping it back against the wall to create a mark but if using a pencil; measure and mark between the screws at 500mm intervals and use a straight edge to join the points.

Step 3 - Double-check

Double-check the marked guideline is correct with a straight edge and level. If so – you can now remove the screws and string.

Step 4 - Mark the brackets

For maximum stability, your first and last handrail brackets need to be between 500mm and 950mm from either end of the stair handrail so choose and mark these points.

Step 5 - Fix the brackets

Ensuring the bracket edge is aligned to the guideline, mark the fixing holes and then fasten the bracket to the wall. Repeat for the other end.

Step 6 - Attach the handrail

Mark and fix the remaining brackets in place along the guideline ensuring they are reasonably spaced (no further than 950mm apart).

It is easier to paint or varnish the handrail before fitting. Once dry; with the help of another person, you can align and fasten the stair handrail to the brackets.

If you follow the above steps correctly, you’ll end up with a sturdy stair handrail that is sure to make your staircase safe.


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