Painting Stair Spindles

Painting Stair Spindles

If you are considering painting your stair spindles then a couple of thoughts will probably have flashed through your mind. One of these has to be how do I do this without getting paint everywhere? And another might be just how long is this going to take?

First of all, with the right preparation, painting the spindles on your stairs is actually much simpler than you might realise. We won’t deny, however, that it will be a somewhat time-consuming job. But, if you follow some simple steps those stair spindles will look fantastic and it will have been well worth the effort.

Getting started

There are four simple steps that you will need to follow to paint your stair spindles:

1. Sanding down

2. Cleaning

3. Applying primer

4. Painting

Of course, you need to do this carefully to every single spindle, however, it really is quite simple.

A spindle painting tip that could save you time

If you want to make the whole process just that little bit simpler buy spindles that are already primed, then you will be able to cut out the first three steps of the process and move straight to the painting.

The process in full

Just in case you want to do it all yourself, then here are a few things to remember.

Cover your stairs with a sheet to catch the dust and carefully sand each stair spindle down using fine sandpaper – this will remove any old paint or varnish

Next, take a damp cloth and wipe each stair spindle down to remove any dust – you might also want to vacuum up the staircase to make sure there is no dust around which might get in your paintwork

Tape around the bottom of each stair spindle to avoid splashes (you will still need to do this with ready primed spindles)

Next, apply an even coat of primer. This will seal the wood and mean you will need fewer coats of paint. Primer can take a while to dry so you may want to leave a full 24 hours before you paint

If you have purchased ready primed stair spindles you are ready to paint straight away. Using a detail brush, paint at the tops and bottoms of the stair spindles and use a larger brush to complete the rest of the painting. Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry before applying a second coat and for an extra smooth finish, you can sand gently between coats.

Now you know how to go about painting your stair spindles, you’re sure to end up with a great finish, especially if you opt for pre-primed stair spindles – it really does make the job much easier.

Primed Spindles

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