Staircase Refurbishment

Staircase Refurbishment

How to make your staircase a definitive design feature in your home

A staircase doesn’t have to be just a practical method to move between the different floors of your home - it can actually be a design statement in itself! A stair refurbishment is something many homeowners may have not even considered, but it can be an effective way to add interest to your home and it doesn’t have to be sweeping to make a grand first impression.

Start with a check-up

It is not often that something goes wrong with the functionality of your existing staircase – after all – damaged stair treads, balusters, handrails and baserails can be replaced, so a stair refurbishment is usually all about installing a new look. However; if you have an older staircase or are worried about any safety issues then it is best to seek professional advice from a joiner, carpenter or renovation tradesperson before you make a final decision on the stair kit or parts you want to install.

The green light

If all is well with your existing stairs then you are ready to get excited about their transformation. Of course – choosing a glass balustrade may mean you have to borrow from the bank BUT you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the wow factor. Many homeowners are on a budget and so experimenting with options such as combining oak and metal stair parts or even fitting a runner carpet down the middle of painted or varnished treads can create a truly individual and stylish look for your property.

Staircase refurbishment kits

A wooden balustrade with turned spindles could be the dream of many property owners but many will naturally presume that this kind of installation will be out of their price range. The good news is that there are many different kinds of affordable stair kits to choose from if you are looking to make a quick aesthetic improvement to your existing staircase. A stair refurbishment kit will work out cheaper than buying the parts individually, which is great for those looking to refurb on a budget.

DIY or not?

Those with woodworking or carpentry experience will be able to complete certain stair kit refurbishments themselves but some kits - such as those using metal or glass - are best left to the professionals.


Obviously, your choice of materials will largely depend on the construction of your stairs and your budget, but you might be surprised at the difference a stair kit refurbishment can make to your home.

Stair Kits

Our stair kits are a simple and effective way to update your tired looking staircase.